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A cover can make or break a book — especially when it comes to self-published titles. Everyone judges a book by its cover, and in the Amazon-browsing world of book buyers, it’s important to make a good impression, and fast! Investing in a professional cover is the cheapest form of marketing you can do for your book. And I know how expensive some book designers can be — who has upwards of $600 to spend on one cover? So if you want a professional look for your self-published book at a reasonable price, then let’s talk!


  • Patchwork Press anthologies: The Lost Locket of LahariPolaris Awakening
  • Erica Crouch (myself): Ignite, Entice, Incite, Engage, Infinite, Canvas, Madly Deeply, The Empath, Cut
  • Kellie Sheridan: Follow the White Rabbit, Awake and Dreaming, Four of a Kind, Where We Were, The Dancer
  • Ruth Silver: Aberrant, Moirai, Isaura, Aberrant Series Collection, Orenda, Dead Girl Walking, The Adventurer
  • Janna Jennings: A Grimm Legacy (Redesign), Grimm Memories, Grimm Collection, The Confidant
  • Terra Harmony: The Dreamer
  • Pauline C. Harris: Puppet
  • Olivia Landen: Not With Words Alone
  • Jason W. Chan: The Kid Emperor of Occultoria (Unofficial cover on NetGalley)
  • Matthew Gene: Hope
  • Maja Diana: Retrocognition
  • Anne-Rae Vasquez: Resist (Redesign)
  • Nicole Ciacchella: From the Ashes
  • Kate Thomas: The Core
  • L.A. Starkey: font treatment on Howl at the Moon
  • J.S. Maxx: The Castalettas 
  • Carol M. Vaughn: The King’s Treasure
  • Shay West: social media banners and promo images for Dangerous ReflectionsOrgan Reapers, and The Chosen
  • Emma Jaye: Santa Monica University Undecided

See my work on the Portfolio Page.

Praise for my covers

“I am a sucker for good covers. I couldn’t stay away from this one!” — Bookworm Brandee on Ignite

“… Simple, beautiful, and very well done — and it would look so pretty on my shelf!” — Twisting the Lens on Ignite

“I just LOVE this cover, very catching, and would make me pick up this book, it appeals to me for sure.” — Michelle’s Paranormal Vault on Ignite

“Now that’s what I call a top-of-the-line cover!” — Nick LeVar on Orenda

“An amazingly gorgeous cover for ORENDA! Wow!!” — Jennifer Ricketts on Orenda

“I don’t usually post cover reveals, but I thought this one was so pretty that I couldn’t pass it by.” — Fiction Addiction on Orenda

“I am LOVING the new cover so much more [than the original]! It gives a more mysterious feel to this fairytale land… and the new font seems more fitting.” — Bumbles & Fairy-tales on A Grimm Legacy Redesign


All packages are charged 50% at the beginning of the project and 50% before the delivery of the final images. *

Base Price: $115

The base rate for all covers is $115. What do you get for the price?

  • A brief consultation so I can understand your book/the feel you want for your cover
  • A high-resolution customized front cover creation (suitable for ebook or the front cover of a paperback)
  • Up to 3 rounds of revisions

Stock Images: $15/image

If you don’t already have an image (that you have the full rights to use), I will buy one for you from Shutterstock! Most of my covers only use one image, but if there is need for more (e.g., angel wings and a model), then you will be charged accordingly.

Back Cover and Spine: $70

Want a wraparound cover to use for your paperback book? This price will be added on to the base price. If more stock images are purchased for the back cover or spine, the price will be as listed above.

Social Media

Facebook Banner: $25

You can order this as an add on to your cover design, or as a standalone order. I will use your cover(s) to create an eye-catching banner for your author page on Facebook. If stock images are necessary — and they’re usually not — they will be priced as listed above.

Twitter Banner: $25

You can order this as an add on to your cover design, or as a standalone order. I will use your cover(s) to create an eye-catching, large banner for your series or author account on Twitter. If stock images are necessary — and they’re usually not — they will be priced as listed above.

Social Media Icon: $10

You can order this as an add on to your cover design, or as a standalone order. No social media account is complete without an icon! (Who trusts anyone on Twitter with an egg as their icon??) I will use your cover to inspire a social media icon (300×300). If stock images are necessary — and they’re usually not — they will be priced as listed above.

Extras and Add Ons

Extra revisions: $20/revision

Need some extra rounds of revisions on the cover for name changes or other additional tweaks? You can order the “extra revisions” package as many times as necessary!

Rush Job: $50

If you have an imminent release and need a rush job on the cover (or any other promo materials), you might want to consider purchasing the rush job! This add on ensures that all of your emails will be answered immediately — no matter the time of day — and that your cover will take top priority over other projects.

Promotional Images: $30/banner

Want to get your book seen? Promotional images and banners are the way to do it! These images (see examples below) are perfect for advertisements online or for banners at events.

Something Not Listed

Have a design project that hasn’t been listed? Email me and we can discuss prices!

How It Works

The Process

  • When you first contact me with an order, I will have a consultation with you. We will discuss all the details of your story, cover concept — anything you need me to know before I begin designing!
  • Though you will probably know how much your order will cost based on the prices listed here, I will send you an official estimate (for your records) of the project cost.
  • Approve the estimate, and 50% of the invoice will be forwarded for you to pay. Once payment is received, your project is officially “in progress”!
  • As listed above, you will have three revisions on your cover. The first version I send will be a mockup of the cover before I purchase stock images (to get your approval). The second version (if images are approved) will be the higher quality version of the image, that will essentially be your final cover. The third version, if necessary, will be any additional tweaks you want.
  • After you’ve approved the final version of your cover, I will send you the second 50% of the invoice. Once payment is received, your project is officially “complete” and I will deliver your images via email or dropbox.

What I need from you to get started

Generally speaking…

  • Genre: age group, any subgenres (e.g., Young Adult Fantasy)
  • Title
  • Series Title (if applicable)
  • Tagline (if applicable)
  • Your name or pen-name
  • A synopsis/blurb
  • Any other details you want to share
    • Color preference?
    • A particular feel you want for the cover?
    • Examples of covers you like?
    • Do you hate any kind of font treatment?
    • Does your character have a particular hair color/look I should know about?
  • Stock images (if applicable) or ideas for stock images (e.g., It’s a Cinderella retelling, so a fairytale themed picture would be ideal)

For paperback covers, in addition to the information above…

  • CreateSpace Numbers
    • Exact number of pages after you upload the novel
    • The color of the paper (cream makes the spine wider)
    • The dimensions/trim size of the book

Examples of Social Media/Promo Images

See examples of my cover designs on my portfolio page.

*Please note: I do not assist in uploading covers without an additional fee.

Ready to order?

Now that you know all the packages and rates, what are you waiting for? A sparkling new cover is waiting for you! Just fill out the form below with the information needed for your package, and I’ll make sure to contact you so we can further discuss your cover!

Once I get your message, I’ll get back to you in the next 48 hours (though expect an email in 24 hours, as I tend to live online), and we’ll go from there!

If you are interested in a consultation on how to publish your book (questions after the cover is complete, etc), get in touch with me and we can discuss my rates.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at becausebooks[at]gmail[dot]com!

I hope to work with you!

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What I don't do: I maintain the right to deny a project that is in anyway hateful. I also can't design covers that aren't based in stock images (i.e., digital art and illustration).